About Us

Harris Junior Academy is a small Seventh-day Adventist Christian school located in Pendleton, Oregon.  We serve students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  We have a strong industrial arts and agriculture program allowing students to learn how to live more self sufficient lives.  Our motto is "Educating for Eternity."  We want our students to be ready for a life spent with Jesus.


The Harris Junior Academy family exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for HIm and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve.


Harris Junior Academy focuses on building Christ centered relationships, utilizing solid Biblical principles embedded in a quality educational program; instilling in our students the thirst for more knowledge.

Following Christ's example, our students will be equipped to serve God with relevant life skills, leadership abilities and a desire to serve others, both here on earth and through eternity.


At Harris Junior Academy, we believe children are special. They are the product of Creation and have a God-given potential for growth and development. We believe all are the property of God, and we place a high value on the worth of each individual.

We believe that education "prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for a higher joy of wider service in the world to come." Education, EG White, p.13


We have an active Home and School that finds ways to help parents be involved in school related activities.  There are two big events each year sponsored by the association.  The first is our Fall Festival.  This year it is on October 26.  It is a large community event.  The second event is a chili and salsa cook off with dessert auction.  It will be held on February 1, 2020.  


Harris Junior Academy (Pendleton Adventist School) has been in existence since 1940.  The school moved into its current location in the early 1970's.  We are a fully accredited Seventh-day Adventist affiliated school.  From the beginning the mission of the school was to prepare students for life on this earth and for eternity with Jesus.  We have not faltered from this mission.  The values this school was built on still remain today.