Sharing immunization and exemption numbers for your school/children’s facility and county

What do I need to share? The law requires schools and children’s facilities to share their immunization and exemption numbers for each vaccine, along with your county’s immunization numbers.

Where do I share these numbers? Numbers must be shared in three places:

On the school or children’s facility website (and on district websites for public schools),

In the main office (or a central location if you don’t have a main office), and

With parents in paper or electronic format (for example, sent as part of a newsletter or email).

When do I need to share this information? The law requires this information to be shared twice a year:

Within 30 days of the start of school, and

Within 30 days after Exclusion Day (the third Wednesday in February)

Do I have to share these numbers ? All schools, preschools, Head Starts and certified child care programs must share these numbers if there are 10 or more children in your adjusted enrollment on the Immunization Primary Review Summary, Section E (child care, preschool, Head Start or schools with preK) or Section H (schools with any grades K-12).

Where do I get these numbers? The immunization numbers for your specific site and your county, go to and choose an option: 1. Follow the instructions to create a graph of your

school’s numbers, 2. Click on your site on the new interactive map, or 3. If you use an approved computer system, look to

see if it has a report you can share.